We strive for the most accurate patterns we can make, but sometimes things happen. This page is where you can find any known corrections made to a Cut Loose Press™ pattern, and the date updated. If you have any questions, need further clarification, or think you’ve found an error we don’t have listed here, please contact us! Updates are in printable PDF format, click on the date for the link.

CLPKMS008 O Say Can You See, Updated 4/18/2024

CLPKMO001 Triangle in a Square Baby Quilt, Updated 3/4/2024

CLPJHN001 Tissue Tote, Updated 3/4/2024

CLPCAM027 Magic Stained Glass Set, Updated 3/4/2024

CLPGER007 Waverunner, Updated 5/23/2023

CLPDHE050 Swirl N Twirl, Updated 3/31/2022

CLPJAW080 Pineapples and Pinwheels, Updated 7/12/2022

CLPDHE022 Twist N Shout Rectangles, Updated 8/11/2022

CLPCRM009 Popcorn Bowl Cozy, Updated 8/10/2022

CLPDHE009 Little Logs Starburst, Updated 5/13/2022

CLPCVB021 Star Bright, Updated 5/2/2022

CLPCLA044 Land of Liberty Table Runner, Updated 5/2/2022

CLPKAL008 New Leaf, Updated 4/20/2022

CLPDHE023 Boo to You, Updated 4/19/2022

CLPDHE017 Taffy Pinwheels, Updated 4/19/2022

CLPDHE027 Early Migration, Updated 4/19/2022

CLPDHE026 Happy Noel, Updated 4/19/2022

CLPSHM004 Handwork Take Along Clutch, Updated 4/5/2022

CLPDHE030 Illusionary Runner, Updated 3/2/2022

CLPDHE018 Moody Blues, Updated 2/28/2022

CLPKAL011 Crazy Hearts, Updated 2/14/2022

CLPDHE029 Blue Skies and Sunshine Runner, Updated 2/10/2022

CLPPHA017 My House by Penny Haren, Updated 1/14/2022

CLPPHA018 Stars in the Cabin by Penny Haren, Updated 1/14/2022

CLPSHN003  Falling Leaves by Sue Hanson, Updated 6/9/2017

CLPCLA021   Cascading Ribbons by Cathey Laird,  Updated 6/26/2017

CLPJAW061  Fried Green Tomatoes by Jean Ann Wright, Updated 9/29/2017

CLPKAL009   Crazy Christmas Trees by Karla Alexander, Last updated 5/7/2019

CLPJAW052  Pineapple Sizzle Tote by Jean Ann Wright, Updated 9/29/2017

CLPQLT013   Waterwheel by Judy and Judel Niemeyer of Quiltworx, Updated 9/29/2017

CLPKAL006  Capiz Lanterns by Karla Alexander, Updated 10/4/2017

CLPJAW059  Chicken Kitchen Set by Jean Ann Wright, Updated 10/12/2017

CLPKBT001  Zig-Zagging Along! by Karen Bates, Updated 8/21/2017

CLPJAW060  Stormy Beach Bag by Jean Ann Wright, Updated 10/12/2017

CLPDHE020  On Point Runner by Deb Heatherly, Updated 10/11/2017

CLPDHE021  Pineapple Pinwheels by Deb Heatherly, Updated 10/11/2017

CLPJAW020  I Love America by Jean Ann Wright, Updated 10/17/2017

CLPJAW035  Pineapple Rings by Jean Ann Wright, Updated 12/30/2015

CLPDHE007  Ally-Oop by Deb Heatherly, Updated 1/21/2016, 10/16/2017

CLPDHE006  Strippy Stars Mini by Deb Heatherly, Updated 5/26/2016

CLPGRG001 Serenade by Grids Galore, Updated 5/26/ 2016

CLPNAM004 Cabin Leaves Table Runner by Nancy A. Myers, Updated 7/18/2016

CLPRFI020  Tin Roof by Rita Fishel, Updated 1/27/2017

CLPCFR001 Gift Bag by Chris Foreman, Updated 7/3/2015

CLPCFR002 Mat Board Tote Bag by Chris Foreman, Updated 4/25/2017

CLPISE008  Vintage Vines (retired) by It's Sew Emma, Updated 3/25/2017

CLPLCR004 Perfection Is Overrated by Luanne Corts, Updated 7/2015; 11/30/2016

CLPBWB001 Baby Rag Log Cabin by Brenda Wolfensberger, Updated 5/2017

CLPLCR007  POPPIES! by Luanne Corts, Updated 2/1/2018

CLPKAL011 Crazy Hearts by Karla Alexander, Updated 2/1/2018

CLPASC001 Super Stars by Adele Scott, Updated 6/9/2018

CLPJAW070 Pine Tree Banner or Table Runner, Updated 6/13/2018

CLPKHL005 Seasonal Runner - Winter, Updated 7/18/2018

CLPCAM017 Scrap Stew by Camilla Quilts, Updated 7/13/2018

CLPRPL001 EZ Strip Quilt by Renelda Peldunas Harter, Updated 5/22/2018

CLPDHE015 Cat's Cradle Star by Deb Heatherly, Updated 4/24/2018

CLPRFI022 Twinkle Twinkle by Rita Fishel, Updated 5/20/2019

CLPISE017 Acadia by It's Sew Emma, Updated 10/2/2018

CLPISE016 Square One by It's Sew Emma, Updated 10/2/2018

CLPDHE023 Boo To You by Deb Heatherly, Updated 10/3/2018

CLPCVB019 Floating Cabin by Christine Van Buskirk, Updated 1/14/2021

CLPCVB021 Star Bright by Christine Van Buskirk, Updated 5/24/2021

CLPCRM007 2 For 1 Plate Cozy by Carolina Moore, Updated 8/10/2021